Mirtes Renata nominated by Bantumen's Powerlist 100

Mirtes Renata-JustiçaPorMiguel-Bantumen-Powerlist2021

Our fellow, Mirtes Renata, has been named as one of the 100 most influential black people in Lusophone countries by Bantumen's Powerlist 2021.

"I was stunned with the recognition. I intend to fight for justice for my son Miguel Otávio and our Black children so that other mothers don't feel the pain I feel today," she said. Also on the list are important Black Brazilian Women, such as Carla Akotirene, Érica Malunguinho, Majur, and Margareth Menezes.

Mirtes Renata Santana de Souza is a former carpenter, hairdresser's assistant, computer teacher, and domestic worker. The tragic death of her five-year-old son in 2020 turned her into an activist for anti-racism and feminism.

Miguel's death was due to his employer's negligence, and the case moved the Brazilian society. One year after his death, Mirtes raises her voice to talk about domestic workers' rights and diversity. She is now a law student at UNINASSAU University and a fellow of AfroResistance and Grupo Curumim.

For us, it is a pleasure to realize that our work with Mirtes is paying off. Within our partnership with Grupo Curumim, she receives training on political issues focusing on race, gender, and migration. Just as we have had the opportunity to share knowledge with Mirtes, we wish to reach more Black Women throughout the Americas region.

Mirtes, we are proud of you and happy to have you on our team. Thank you for your contributions. Congratulations!