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2024 Solidarity Journey in Panama: Bridging Borders for Migrant Rights

Transformative Experience

We are pleased to extend an invitation for you to join us on a transformative delegation to Panama, where we will seek to gain a deeper understanding of the national context, with a particular focus on the difficult situation faced by Black migrants crossing the Darien Gap, the border crossing between Panama and Colombia. It is important to highlight that the Darién Gap is a place where migrants face challenges and injustices on their journey north.


AfroResistance and the Collective of Migrant Women of the Panamanian organization Espacio Encuentro de Mujeres have come together to organize this delegation focused on the sociopolitical context of Panama and its impacts on migration, particularly through the Darién Gap, aiming to support and spotlight the challenges faced by Black migrants in Panama. 

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Why is this important for advocates in the US?

  • Building solidarity and support networks

  • Impact and policy advocacy

  • Anticipation and preparation for future challenges

Tentative Itinerary


Day 1: October 20 - Arrival in Panama

  • Arrival in Panama City

  • Check-in at the accommodation

  • Welcome dinner and orientation

Day 2: October 21 - Trip to Darién Province

  • Learn about the challenges faced by migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers

Day 3: October 22 - Meetings in Province of Darien

  • Meetings with local communities and discuss the impact of migration on Afro-descendant and Indigenous communities

Day 4: October 23 - Meetings with organizations in Panama City

  • Meetings with organizations that serve migrants, NGOs, and cultural groups

  • Participate in discussions on immigration policies, human rights, and community empowerment

  • Learn about ongoing initiatives and challenges faced by these organizations

Day 5: October 24 - Meetings with Afro-Panamanian mobilization in Panama City

  • Participate in discussions on social mobilization, labor movement, environmental movement, and LGBTQIA+ mobilization

Day 6: October 25 - Free Day

  • Free day to explore Panama City or participate in optional activities including Portobelo in Colon.



1. Understand Panamanian social reality: Engage with various social mobilization groups to comprehend the human rights situation, focusing on the rights of the Black population.

2. Intersectional approach: Conduct meetings and dialogues with the Afro-Panamanian movement, environmental movement, LGBTQIA+ movement, labor movement, among others.

3. Address inequality in Panamanian society: Address the significant levels of poverty and inequality affecting the Black and Indigenous populations in Panama.

4. Raise awareness: Gather firsthand information about the harsh realities faced by migrants, including documented abuses, through local organizations.

October 20-26, 2024

Cost per delegate:


Cost: $2,300 includes honoraria for organizations/speakers, all meals, local transportation, and interpretation. This cost does not include air travel, travel insurance or lodging tips.

Invite your colleague
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I’ve signed up to attend the 2024 AfroResistance solidarity journey to Panama on October 20-26, 2024. Can you join me? Participants must register for the solidarity journey no later than August 15, 2024

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