"The Urgency of Now: Systemic Racism and the Lessons of 2020"

Recommendations from AfroResistance for the Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent (WGEPAD) during the 27th Session of the Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent 

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Through advocacy, international solidarity and capacity building, AfroResistance has worked to ensure that Black womxn and girls are leading movements for true liberation and equality.

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Human Rights Day 2020

Reflections on historical reparation, social inequity, and human rights of Black people across the Americas by Sara Quiñones. 

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Supporting Black Trans Women in the Americas

AfroResistance deeply mourns the assassinations of our Trans siblings around the world, and is fully committed to building a world where all Black People, including Trans Women can live with dignity, respect and honor. 

“We can't priorite the death of Black men and at the same time, ignore, and even encourage the death of Black Trans women and somehow believe we are going to build a just society for everyone” Imara Jones, Founder of Translash 

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The year of 2019 was an impactful one for AfroResistance. We went through a name change from the Latin American and Caribbean Community Center, to AfroResistance, and with that we reaffirmed our commitment to Black People from Latin America and the Caribbean and our mission to educate and organize for human rights, democracy and racial justice throughout the Americas.

Zoom Attack

We, at AfroResistance, will continue to take all measures to keep our community sacred and safe.  We will not tolerate racist, transphobic, homophobic, sexist assault or abuse, no matter in what form, nor on what platform.  Our priority right now is to name, address, and deal with the harm done and to keep our community safe and sacred by whatever means necessary. 

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