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About Us


The Latin American and Caribbean Community Center (LACCC) was formed in 2004 as a community based organization to address the diverse political, economic and cultural needs of the growing Latino and Caribbean populations in the United States, with a special emphasis on the most marginalized of the Latino community – African Descendent and Indigenous people. 


Since its inception, the LACCC has grown to be known as an organization that works in communities that have large clusters of economically, socially and cultural marginalized African descent migrants from Latin America communities.  


The organization has undergone a name change to be more direct around our liberatory and diasporic priority, and we are transitioning from The Latin American and Caribbean Community Center to AfroResistance (AfroResistencia in Spanish).  

The mission statement for AfroResistance, is to educate and organize for human rights, democracy and racial justice throughout the Americas.


Americas is the region that includes all countries in the Americas, meaning North, Central, South America, and the Caribbean Islands regardless of language spoken. AfroResistance centers the Black Diaspora from the Latin America and the Caribbean region. 

AfroResistance is not confined to one country or the concept of a nation-state.


We center the lived experiences of subjugated knowledge of Black Women and Girls.

We start from the position that Black women and girls have fundamental human rights and that all structures, institutions and practices that are in place to deny those rights must be targeted and dismantled through our own efforts in relationship and in solidarity with allied organizations and individuals.   


Black Unity in the Americas

AfroResistance is a political platform to help unify Black people in the Americas. We aim to collectively knit and co-design a political agenda that is grounded in gender, racial, reproductive, and economic justice. 


Gender Analysis that centers Black TransWomen and Girls

Gender is our starting point for all of our work at all its intersections. How all systems impact Black TransWomen and Girls is an intentional stand that will lead to the liberation of all Black Women and girls.


Racial Justice that centers Blackness 

Centering Black people's liberation due to the historical and global history of structural and systemic oppression that Black people continue to face. It’s a vital path to our liberation. 


Reproductive Justice as a human right 


Reproductive justice is a framework elaborated by Black women and it is central to our analysis of health and health inequalities of Black women and girls.


Migration that honors Black peoples movement

regardless of ‘status’


Having an internationalist perspective on migration, where Black migrants regardless of political, social, economic or cultural migration realities and stories are honored and centered as members of society and therefore entitled and guarantee of all their human rights. 


Economic Justice grounded in equity of wealth

In a capitalist world, class and access to assets and wealth, including land, are essential to the discussion on historical inequalities and gender discrimination.  


We radically believe that solutions for our communities have to arise

from our community with a racial justice lens to resolve those issues.

Our strengths can be illustrated through our different programs,

which are applicable across those three areas:

1. Advocacy

We provide Analysis, Data, and Reports from the region centered on Black Women from Latin America and the Caribbean.

2. International Solidarity:  

We work to build an intentional, international, and political movement for social justice and human rights in  the Americas.


3. Capacity building:

Black School of Human Rights: a Human Rights Institute focused on Race, Gender, Immigration, for people of African Descent.

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