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AfroResistance and Grassroots Global Justice Alliance Launch International Electoral Mission

Cali, Colombia, May 26, 2022– AfroResistance and Grassroots Global Justice Alliance have launched an international electoral expert mission to monitor human rights processes during the upcoming Colombian presidential election. The delegation consists of human rights experts, racial and gender justice activists, grassroots organizers, cultural workers, attorneys, and journalists, gathered to assess and monitor the safety, fairness and human rights protection in the upcoming Colombia primary elections taking place Sunday, May 29th, 2022.

AfroResistance, an advocacy and solidarity building organization focused on the human rights of Black Women and Girls throughout the Americas and Grassroots Global Justice, a multi-racial, multi-sectoral alliance building a grassroots movement for peace, democracy and a sustainable world, has assembled a team of experts that have all been accredited by the Colombian electoral authorities. This team, Black Women and Women of color from all over the United States and the Americas, will be deployed at select locations throughout Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

“AfroResistance is an organization that has been committed to racial justice and democracy in the Americas since its inception,” said Janvieve Williams Comrie, executive director of AfroResistance. “This election is especially of the utmost importance, not only for Colombia, but for all the region, including the United States. Especially right now. This is an election about race, gender, class, and all its intersections. It is about the full humanity of Black people.”

“Due to irregularities observed during the most recent electoral processes, as well as previous attempts to disenfranchise groups of people in Colombia, this delegation is there to bear witness to the democratic process of people voting for their leaders in this critical election,” says Cindy Wiesner, executive director of Grassroots Global Justice Alliance. “We know there have been reportings of electoral fraud and voter intimidation that have rendered Colombian citizens unable to vote in the past. This delegation brings together experts in their respective fields to accompany the legal observation process of ensuring fair elections.”

After the conclusion of the electoral process, AfroResistance and Grassroots Global Justice Alliance will work with the team of observers to generate a final report with key findings and recommendations.

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