International Women's Delegation

Black Women and Resistance: Decolonial Perspectives for Collective Care

In Partnership with Odara Institute For Black Women

Ten days in August 2020 (August 6th - August 16th)

9 Days for $2,500.00 

(Scholarships Available)

Activity Level Moderate
Max Group Size 12

About the Delegation

AfroResistance International Solidarity Trips is an initiative to continue building strong connections between local issues and groups in the  United States and local issues and groups in the Latin American region. These delegations are an effort to bring together people as apart of an intentional, international, and political movement for social justice and human rights. 


The purpose of our International Solidarity trips is to establish people-to-people ties by introducing participants to local individuals that most travelers would never meet on their own and that people doing political work in the U.S. might not have an opportunity to meet if they don’t travel to the region. For participants who are being initiated in international solidarity work, we hope that these ties will prompt them to examine their own communities and inspire further learning, advocacy, and solidarity after the trip is over.  For those already immersed in international solidarity, we hope to deepen the content of their work by facilitating new and intimate relationships with people and organizations.

This delegation is by application only.  Apply today

The goals are to:

  • Engage individuals into a long-term process of awareness-creation, relationship-building and political activism/organizing that will lead to critical thought, political transformation, and leadership development.

  • Build person-to-person bridges between United States activists and Black social movements working on issues around ancestral practices, gender, race and Latin America

  • Foster and deepen international political solidarity ties to support movements for gender, racial, environmental, and economic justice.

What's Included

  • 10 Days, 9 Nights Shared Accommodations (Extra for individual accommodations) 

  • All daily meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) 

  • All ground transportation (including airport transfers) 

  • Group Interpretation services (simultaneous translation) 

  • Community experience 

  • Waterfall and beach community visits 

  • Personal coaching/support through your experience 

  • Great local hosts 

  • Visit to local artisanal market 

  • Donations to local community organizations that will be hosting us

What's Not Included

  • Airfare to and from Bahia, Brazil

  • Trip cancellation insurance or any other travel insurance

  • Visas if required (US Citizens do not require visas)

  • Any activity not described in What's Included

  • Meals outside of daily meals included

  • Gratuities 

Contact Us

This trip is not confirmed until the minimum group size of 8 is met. Please do not purchase airfare until you receive confirmation from the coordination team 

This delegation is by application only.


Based on fundraising efforts there will be scholarships available to Black and Indigenous Women interested in participating. More information available soon.


(646) 504-8882

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