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Children's Anthology 

A collection of stories by children for children


When most people think of children’s stories, they think of stories written by adults for children. Most people do not think of children themselves being authors, poets, storytellers, etc, and it’s very difficult to find any anthologies of stories, poems, etc. written by children for children, as well as for adults.

Children’s early years of language development are magical. They are full of wonder, imagination, and experimentation. They are honest, usually direct, spontaneous and natural.

Storytelling is something that comes naturally to children between 3-8 years of age, it's fun and it's integral to their development, so why not celebrate their magical stories and publish them?

Children's Anthology is a new collection of stories written by children between 3 and 12 years of age. The journal is published twice a year, and available online.

We are seeking to raise the voices and vision of children to share their stories (fictional and non-fictional) and inspirations and make contributions through storytelling, artistic expressions, collage, poetry and more. We will be giving priority to Black and Latinx children for this issue. We encourage children to apply using their preferred language, including English, Spanish, and Portuguese. We are also looking for Haitian Creole and Dutch speakers to support this edition.


We’re looking for authors/illustrators who are between 3-12 years of age who have the ability to use their language and art to inspire the imagination, through:

  • storytelling

  • innovative artwork


Submissions should include:

  • Author information, including, age and any other information you might want to include (languages spoken at home, favorite color, school name, grade, favorite food, etc.)

  • Parents or guardian name and full contact information (address, email, phone number)

  • Full story (10-500 words) We accept handwritten or typed stories. If typed, please send it in a word file.

  • Original scanned artwork by the child (if selected we might need access to original artwork)

Our consideration process


Submitted stories will be considered by one or more of our editors. Submissions are treated as confidential material. Our Children’s Team will consider your submission and reply by email.


If we are interested in your manuscript or artwork you will be advised in writing when your submission has been assessed. If you do not receive a response from us within three months please assume your submission is unsuccessful.

We regret that we are unable to provide feedback on unsuccessful submissions.

We accept simultaneous submissions. Collaborative collections between children are welcome.

Children's Anthology pays $10 per authors who have their  submission accepted.