The global war on Black people and our global resistance

The systematic killing of Black people in the United States, Brazil, Colombia, Panama and many other countries throughout the Diaspora outraged our communities. George Floyd, Joao Pedro, Claudia Ferreira da Silva, Anderson Arboleda, Luana Barbosa, Sandra Bland, Natasha Lobato and many others were brutally assassinated by police officers in their countries with the direct responsibilities of political leadership.

This is a series of conversations to highlight our global resistance, collective love, existence and historical strategies.

Tuesday, June 9. Speakers: Charo Mina (Colombia), Dominique Day (United States), Dr. Joia Crear-Perry (United States), Janisha Gabriel (United States), Janvieve Williams (Panamá/United States). Watch it here.

Wednesday, June 10. Speakers: Sara Quinones (Colombia), Juanita Francis Bone (Ecuador), Yolanda Pizarro (Puerto Rico), Evelyn Alvarez (United States).

Thursday, June 11. Speakers: Yane Mendes (Brazil), Valcedir Nascimento (Brazil), Erica Malunguinho (Brazil), Ana Barreto (Brazil), Katiara Oliveira (Brazil). Watch it here.

Friday, June 12. Speakers: Ana Belique (Dominican Republic), Heidi Lopez (Dominican Republic -United States), Yvette Modestin (Panamá), Sofia Garzón (Colombia), Janvieve Williams (Panamá / United States). Watch it here.

AfroResistance’s response to the COVID19 pandemic

The historical inequalities caused by decades of neoliberal policies and structural racism in the Americas have become even more visible with the COVID19 pandemic. Whether in the United States, Colombia, Ecuador, or Brazil, the rates of hospitalizations and deaths of Black people in the region continue to grow at disproportionate rates. Coronavirus reports show that many of these structural disparities are not being considered in policies to combat the pandemic.

This moment calls us to strengthen an intentional and international political movement for Black liberation across the Americas. Throughout different actions, AfroResistance will continue its mission of educating and organizing for human rights, democracy, and racial justice throughout the region.

This is a multilingual conversation and registration via Zoom is required to access interpretation in English, Spanish or Portuguese

Webinar Series

In the coming weeks, AfroResistance will host live events that bring together Black activists and organizers across the Americas who are leading movements and creating systemic change. Each Friday at 1 pm EST we’ll host a virtual conversation over Zoom, which the recording will be released on our website the following week. 

May 15, 2020. 1 pm EST. Neoliberalism, Interventions, and Anti-blackness: U.S. Venezuela and Brazil. Featuring: Vilma Reis (Brazil), Ajamu Baraka (U.S), Jesus Chucho Garcia (Venezuela). Watch it here.

May 22, 2020. 1:00 pm EST. Black Migrants and Coronavírus (COVID-19): a Global Perspective of Health as a Human Right. Watch it here.

May 29, 2020. 1 pm EST. Historical Land Territories and Food Sovereignty. Watch it here

June 5, 2020. 1 pm EST: Moving to a Feminist Economy in the Region (Postponed)

Previous Episodes of Health as a Human Right

Fourth webinar: Ancestral Healing and Coronavírus (COVID-19): a Global Perspective of Health as a Human Right

As the pandemic increases, reaching our friends and families, it is important to hone into our ancestral healing practices, create new ones and seek/create interpersonal connections. This is an online talk on the importance of healing, balance and spiritual connection and the power of ancestors and their guidance.

Facilitator: Heidi Maria Lopez

Heidi’s current organizing is as a racial equity and liberation facilitator all over the world and in the
gatherings she hosts in her hometown that center ancestral wisdom, racial equity, healing and building community.

Third webinar:

Incarceration and Coronavírus (COVID-19): a Global Perspective of Health as a Human Right

As the Coronavirus spreads across the nation, the World Health Organization has warned about the potential huge mortality rates in prisons and jails. This panel of prison organizers in the Americas will discuss how prisons have not been as quick to change policies and arrange for releases to address health as human right during the COVID-19 outbreak. It will also address policy debates around mass incarceration and how it further racial, class and other inequalities, both at home and abroad.

- Allyne Andrade e Silva, Deputy Executive Director at Brazil Human Rights Fund;

- YaYa Marin Coleman, Grassroots Journalist, and Community Worker;

- Janvieve Williams Comrie, AfroResistance Executive Director.

Second webinar:

Birth Justice and Coronavírus (COVID-19): a Global Perspective of Health as a Human Right

Coronavirus has claimed the lives of thousands globally, with repercussions across almost every sector. But often, during this pandemic, one area is left unexplored: the different effects it has had on Black mothers and infants in the United States. An expert panel of birth justice advocates discusses the ongoing crisis in maternal and infant mortality rates in the United States and the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak.

- Dr. Joia Crear-Perry, National Birth Equity Collaborative Founder and President;

- Evelyn Alvarez, co-founder of Black Magic Doulas, a New York City-based doula group, and birth justice advocate with over 20 years of experience;

- Ana Barreto, AfroResistance Program Director, and United Nations Human Rights Fellow.

First webinar:

Coronavírus (COVID-19): a Global Perspective of Health as a Human Right

From policy debates around health care to universal health care coverage, how does this pandemic impact and further racial, class and other inequalities, both at home and abroad? An expert panel discusses and provides important information that we guarantee you are not getting from corporate media.

Ana Barreto, AfroResistance Program Director, and United Nations Human Rights Fellow;

Ajamu Baraka, international human rights activist and national organizer for Black Alliance for Peace;

Stephanie Kang, Medicare for All Fellow, and Doctor of Public Health student at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

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