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Dr. Joia Adele Crear-Perry

Dr. Joia Adele Crear-Perry is a thought leader around racism as a root cause of health inequities, Speaker, Trainer, Advocate, Policy Expert, and fighter for justice – is the Founder and President of the National Birth Equity Collaborative.

Dr. Crear-Perry, a proud recipient of the Congressional Black Caucus Healthcare Hero’s award and the Maternal Health Task Force at Harvard University Global Visionary Award for Commitment to Advancing Women’s Health, is most known for her work to remove Race as a risk factor for illness like premature birth and replacing it with Racism. She has been asked to train in Maternal and Child Health and is a sought-after speaker as a result of her articles in a number magazines including Essence, Ms. Magazine, as well as her publications around Structural Racism.

Joyce Prado

Joyce Prado is the executive director of the Association of Black Audiovisual Professionals (APAN) in Brazil, and the founder of Oxalá Produções, a production company, focused on Black communities and AfroDiaspora cultures.


Throughout her career, Joyce Prado has worked as a producer-director of several film adds, short movies (fiction and documentary), and TV series. To date, Oxalá Produções films have been screened in the United States, Ethiopia, UK, Cape Verde, and Portugal.

Dash Harris
Evelyn Alvarez

Evelyn Alvarez has been a Doula for almost 8 years. She obtained her Doula training at Ancient Song Doula Services in Brooklyn, NY and has served almost 100 families as a birth and postpartum Doula. For several years, Evelyn has worked with the Department of Health and the
Healthy Women Healthy Futures program.


In this program, Evelyn has served families with disabilities, teen parents, undocumented, who are court involved, live in shelters, and a host of other challenges. She sees her work as being in the intersection of Restorative Justice and Reproductive Justice. She is co-founder of NYC based Black Magic Doulas and presents the podcast Radio Caña Negra.



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