The mission statement for AfroResistance, is to educate and organize for human rights, democracy and racial justice throughout the Americas.

Our History

The Latin American and Caribbean Community Center (LACCC) was formed in 2004 as a community based organization to address the diverse political, economic and cultural needs of the growing Latino and Caribbean populations in the United States, with a special emphasis on the most marginalized of the Latino community – African Descendent and Indigenous people. 


Since its inception, the LACCC has grown to be known as an organization that works in communities that have large clusters of economically, socially and cultural marginalized African descent migrants from Latin America communities.  


The organization has undergone a name change to be more direct around our liberatory and diasporic priority, and we are transitioning from The Latin American and Caribbean Community Center to AfroResistance (AfroResistencia in Spanish).  

Our Strategy

We radically believe that solutions for our communities have to arise from our community with a racial justice lens to resolve those issues. Our strengths can be illustrated through our different programs, which are applicable across those three areas:

  • ​Advocacy: We provide Analysis, Data, and Reports from the region centered on Black Women from Latin America and the Caribbean

  • International Solidarity:  We work to build an intentional, international, and political movement for social justice and human rights in  the Americas

  • Capacity building: Black School of Human Rights: a Human Rights Institute focused on Race, Gender, Immigration, for people of African Descent

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